The goal of is to provide a toolset for developers and projects that have decided to use contributor agreements. The future template agreement assembler will include both standardized terms that are common to all contributor agreements and several options that cover the most common variations between projects.

Based on the materials and suggestions available at Discuss and Develop we have composed a first Draft Entity Contributor Exclusive License Agreement. Please keep in mind that this is still a draft and supposed to be the starting point for further discussion. We appreciate your comments on the following drafting notes and questions:

  • General Drafting Options: Instead of assignments, we suggest exclusive and nonexclusive licenses as suggested in the legal opinion on Drafting Options for Contributor Agreements
  • Signature Formalities: We suggest enabling a click-through process, which collects contact details of each contributor and asks whether the contact details and name may be mentioned and can be distributed, see legal opinion on Signature Formalities 
  • Internationalization: We suggest implementing a choice-of-law clause as recommended in the legal opinion on Internationalization  
  • Patent Claim: We propose offering an option to revoke the patent license if any patent claims are made, which are not asserted for defensive purposes. We also propose to offer the possibility to identify and disclose specific patents. In this context, we would like to discuss a) how to define “defensive purpose” and b) how to create incentives for contributing entities to identify and disclose specific patents? We also invite comments on the question whether the proposed patent license should be combined with the idea of a broader non-assertion pledge, which can be relevant for the free and open source ecosystem and encourage non-aggressive use of patents.